Library Card

Library Card Authentication

Your campus card can also function as your library card, but it has to be authenticated before you use it to borrow  books or other materials   from the library:

  •     For students, your library card is automatically authenticated.
  •     For faculty, bring your campus card to the Service Desk for authentication.
  •     For those who stay on campus for a short period of time, you need to bring the following to the Service Desk for authentication:
    •     Campus card
    •     Letter issued by your department
    •     Personal ID

Temporary Library Card

For those who are not entitled to a campus card but need to access the library, a temporary Library Card can be issued at the Service Desk when an applicant presents a request letter from the concerned department, a photo of oneself and a copy of one’s ID.

Termination of Library Privileges

You are required to return all books borrowed from the library before you check out from the university. When your contract with the university comes to an end, your library privileges will be automatically terminated. Your privileges can be extended only when officially requested in written form by your department.