Service Hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday to Sunday excluding National Holidays.

Loan Rules

  •      For books from the general collection, one can have a maximum of 20 items on his or her Library Card at once. Loan period for each item is 30 days.
  •      For CDs and DVDs, one can have a maximum of five  items on his or her Library Card. Loan period for each item is 15 days.


A patron can renew a borrowed item five days before it is due, and by doing so you can keep the item for additional 15 days. However, if the borrowed item is on call, you cannot have it renewed.  But, if there is no call for the item, then it can be renewed twice.  You may not renew an item more than twice.

Reserving an Item

You can reserve an item if it is out on loan. A message will be sent to you when the item comes back to the library and is ready for you to pick up. The library will keep the item for a maximum of three days. If it is not picked up, it will go back to the shelf or to the next patron waiting for the item.

Fines for Overdue Items

When a book is overdue, the overdue fines will be charged (at a rate of RMB 0.2 Yuan per item per day), but the patron's borrowing privilege will not be suspended. It will be suspended only when the overdue fines accrue to 10 Yuan, and privilege will be resumed only when overdue items are returned and the payment of fines is made.

For CDs and DVDs, rate of overdue fines is 10 Yuan per day per item.

Borrowing Reference Works and Journals

In general, reference works and journals, including bound ones, are not available for loan. If a patron needs to borrow such an item for a particular and acceptable reason, he/she can have it on loan only for 24 hours. Fines for an overdue item of this kind is 10 Yuan per day per item. Borrowing of such an item can only be processed at the Service Desk.

Items Damaged or Lost

  • If an item is found seriously damaged, such as marks on pages or pagesmissing , your library privileges will be revoked  unless the damage or loss is recovered one way or another, e.g. a new item is bought and given back to the library.
  • One should report to the Service Desk of the library if loss of a borrowed item occurs. If it  eventually cannot be found, it is the patron’s responsibility to pay for the loss in the following ways:    
    • Buy a new copy of the item itself as a replacement;
    • When a new copy cannot be bought, you have to pay the library for the loss. The rate is three times of the list price of the lost item.
    • A damaged or lost item can only be processed at the Service Desk, 8:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday.