Scholarly Output Reporting


Scholarly output reporting provides an official sealed report verifying the research ability of the author by searching the author’s publications inclusion and citation in databases such as SCI and EI upon patrons’ requests.

We provide two kinds of reports:
1. Report sealed by University Town Library of Shenzhen. This is a fee-based report charged by the University Town Library of Shenzhen;
2. Report sealed by SUSTech library for internal use. It is free.


1. Report sealed by University Town Library of Shenzhen

2. Report sealed by SUSTech library

  • Visit SUSTech library website (, click ”Scholarly Output Reporting” under “Services”, find the link of “SUSTech Library Scholarly Output Reporting Application Form”, click to download and fill in the form.
  • Send the form to
  • After receiving the request, librarian will contact the patron to confirm the request. An electronic version of the report will be sent to the patron when it is completed.
  • After receiving the electronic report with electronic seal, the patron will confirm the report and will be able to print it.

Target Patrons

All SUSTech faculty members and students.

Service Hours

8:30 am-12:00 pm, 2:00 pm-5:30 pm, Monday-Friday (National Holidays are excluded.)


Service Location: Room 101, SUSTech Library
Tel: 0755-88010814
Contact person: Nancy Shen


1. Completion of a report usually takes 3-5 workdays depending on number of papers. If number of papers is unusually large, it will take more time.
2. In the peak period of project application or professional title reviewing, there will be more requests and the completion time will be longer. It is always wise to send your requests earlier.

Cost for report sealed by University Town Library of Shenzhen

See Shenzhen University Town Library website for detail.

Payment Method

Account Name: University Town Library of Shenzhen
Bank Name: Pingan Bank Huaxin Branch
Account Number: 0142100395892
After the remittance, email the remittance scanned copy to with “SUSTech Citation Query Service Fee” as a note.