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Name Introduction
1 China Education Online It is the largest comprehensive education portal in China, which mainly provides authoritative information of exam enrollment, student recruitment, personnel recruitment, employment, reviewing and tutoring for college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, college examination for the self-taught, higher education for self-taught, national exam for teacher recruitment, employment and studying abroad.
2 Sina Open Course Online open courses taught by famous professors from Harvard, Yale, Standford, Massachusetts and other famous universities around the world in the areas of social sciences, history, economics, philosophy, science and engineering, etc.
3 Chinese University Open Course Consists of online open courses of science, culture and academic lectures, mainly taken by college students and taught by academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and ChineseAcademy of Engineering, as well as some national distinguished teachers.
4 iCourse A platform to share higher-education curriculum resources supported by the project of “University teaching quality and teaching reform for undergraduates" initiated by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance during the “12th Five-Year Plan”.
5 NetEase Open Course Launched the project of “Online open courses of prestigious universities across the world”, covering the fields of humanities, arts and social science, science, finance, etc. Client-side can be downloaded.