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Osiris has information on listed, and major unlisted/delisted, companies around the world. The information is very detailed and includes a lot more than financial reports. Different templates are used to show accounts in the correct formats for their company type and location. Worldwide - approaching 80,000 companies.


Oriana contains comprehensive information on companies across the Asia-Pacific region. You can use it to research individual companies and find companies with specific profiles and analyse them.


Zephyr is the most comprehensive database of deal information - and it's updated hourly. Zephyr is one of a range of solutions we offer for corporate finance research. Zephyr contains information on M&A, IPO, private equity and venture capital deals.

EIU Countrydata  

EIU CountryData is an extremely comprehensive database of economic indicators. Rigorously researched by economists at the Economist Intelligence Unit, it's the definitive product for economic research. Access this dataset via BvD's platform for full manipulation and analysis options. 

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