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Moody's Analytics BankFocus is the definitive solution for analyzing banks. It's a new approach to global banking data, combining renowned content from Bureau van Dijk and Moody's Investors Service, with expertise from Moody's Analytics. 

The result is a comprehensive banking database that you can use to identify, analyze and monitor banks and other financial institutions.

BankFocus offers you a range of access and analysis options including a contemporary interface and integrated workflow solutions.

BankFocus offers detailed, standardized reports and ratios for over 44,000 banks across the globe. For these banks, you can access:

l  standardized data for detailed like-for-like analysis

l  'as reported' data

l  links to source filings, to see how data points are derived

l  The global standard format - 57 line items and 38 key ratios

l  The global detailed format - over 650 line items - our flagship report for comparing banks globally

l  More than 60 “as published” national formats, extending to over 3,000 line items

l  IFRS/GAAP and Islamic bank templates


BankFocus is supported by a highly knowledgeable bank analysis team, so its templates are regularly updated to reflect the latest accounting and regulatory disclosures, including:

l  Basel III CET1

l  Transitional vs fully loaded regulatory capital ratios

l  Total loss absorbing capacity

l  Minimum requirement for own funds and eligible capital

l  Net stable funding

l  Holdco double leverage

l  Market risk, e.g. stress VaR, interest rate risk, FX risk

l  Derivative netting and collateral

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