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       Cell Cycle is a bi-weekly peer-reviewed journal of high priority research from all areas of cell biology. Cell Cycle covers all topics from yeast to man, from DNA to function, from development to aging, from stem cells to cell senescence, from metabolism to cell death, from cancer to neurobiology, from molecular biology to therapeutics. Our goal is fast publication of outstanding research. Cell Cycle has a prominent Editorial Board, which includes 3 Nobel Prize winners and other outstanding scientists.

       Autophagy is a highly selective peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers on all aspects of autophagic processes (i.e., the lysosome/vacuole dependent degradation of intracellular material). The field of autophagy has advanced tremendously, due in large part to the multiple connections between autophagy and various aspects of human health and disease including cancer, neurodegeneration, aging, diabetes, myopathies and heart disease.

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