Overdue Fines Can be Exempted Within a Time Limit

Release time: 2018-02-23 279

Dear patrons,

Good news! Overdue fines can be exempted!

To show gratitude to our patrons for understanding and support during the period of suspension of library system (Jan 26th to Feb 21st), the library will exempt overdue fines. Details are as follows:

1. As long as patrons return their overdue items by 24:00 Jan 28th, all the overdue fines will be exempted automatically by the system after 24:00 Jan 28th.

2. If patrons who hold overdue items need to return overdue items and borrow books from Feb 22rd to 28th, they need to come to the service desk on the first floor of the library, and overdue fines will be canceled manually.

Feb 23, 2018