• 13 2017-03
    Experts from the US Help the Library Develop a Three-Year Strategic Plan
    Two American experts, Dr. Camila Alire, Dean Emeritus at Colorado State University and New Mexico University, and...
  • 09 2017-03
    Trial on Orbis Bank Focus
    Orbis Bank Focus is a new approach to banking data. It has a completely new financial format that has been design...
  • 09 2017-03
    Trial on CCER
    CCER economic and financial database covering Chinese macro and micro economic and financial market data. It cont...
  • 08 2017-03
    Trial on 知识视界 video library
    The “Video Library” multi-media network platform is produced by Wuhan Yuanlai Education Distribution Company Ltd....
  • 08 2017-03
    Trial on Baidu Wenku
    Baidu library has more than 150 million copies of the document resources, covering the qualification examination,...
  • 08 2017-03
    Trial on ASME
    Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME is the premier professional membership orga...
  • 08 2017-03
    Trial on
    Global scientific research project database of HiResearch (hereinafter referred to as HiResearch) is a large-scal...
  • 06 2017-03
    Oxford Scholarship Online and Oxford Journals Usage Quizzes
    Enter the quiz for your chance to win Oxford University Press (OUP) books, a personal subscription to Oxford Dict...
  • 02 2017-03
    Trial on Science Robotics
    Science Robotics publishes original, peer-reviewed, science- or engineering-based research articles that advance ...
  • 02 2017-03
    Trial on ESI
    The Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database presents an array of data that ranks scientists/health profession...
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